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Data security solutions for the transportation industry

Industry Pain Points

Unauthorized access by internal personnel, and library dragging by external hackers Due to internal and external threats, the transportation industry often faces risks such as system attacks and leakage of important passenger sensitive information.
Large amount of data, high monitoring cost The transportation industry holds hundreds of millions of user information. These personal information data are circulating at a high speed in a large number of intricate information systems, and the cost of data supervision is huge.
Security enhancement is difficult to be achieved by re-developing or transforming the already-built applications. The built-in security capabilities of the transportation industry are weak. If a large number of information systems are re-developed and transformed to enhance security, it will not only be costly, time consuming, but also difficult.
Many database brands and versions involved There are many database brands and versions used, and the civil aviation application development framework is more complicated, normally involving Java and .NET, etc.

Program Overview

From the perspective of passenger data security technology management in the transportation industry, CipherGateway has sorted out the relevant regulations and standards of the civil aviation passenger service system, including “GB/T 22239-2019 Baseline for classified protection of cybersecurity”, “GM/T 0054-2018 General requirements for information system cryptography application”, GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc. Combined with the characteristics of the passenger service system in the transportation industry, the data involved in each link is systematically combed, and the vulnerability and risk points of passenger personal information protection are analyzed and identified. CipherGateway’s innovative technologies that are free of re-development and transformation of application, starting with and focusing on applications, combine data encryption, access control, and high-confidence auditing, rebuilding the security protection mechanism for sensitive information, and achieving fine-grained protection for the entire life cycle of data.。

Solution Advantage

Field-level encryption, desensitization and audit Supports the combination of application system business users with field-level and document-level data, and provides security protection capabilities of "subject to user and object to field level" to minimize permissions.
None-modification of applications, batch and agile deploymentLarge-scale deployment based on cloud mode, supports distributed encryption and centralized management and control of batch applications, reduces maintenance and management costs, and only needs configuration-level deployment to complete the implementation.
High-availability, high-performance of SM algorithms Multiple databases are supported. The encryption and decryption performance of SM4 algorithm breaks through 130Gbps, realizing the equivalent replacement of AES algorithm. The impact on business efficiency of production scenarios is reduced to a lower level.

Customer Value

Meet the field-level data encryption requirements of batch system applications without modification, reduce the cost of data security, and improve cryptography protection capabilities.
Strong security, high performance, easy expansion, effectively respond to internal and external data leakage threats.
Meet the requirements of China on the protection of personal privacy data and the cryptography application of commercial cryptographic information systems.
Centralized management, distributed encryption, building an integration of encryption access control and audit.
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CipherGateway dedicates in making data sharing safer and more valuable. For your business scenarios, we will recommend more professional and high-value solutions and products. Look forward to your contact. 010-88459460 Request Free Trial