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Cryptography Security Assessment Toolbox

Product Overview

Cryptography Security Assessment Toolbox implements the content required in cryptography security assessment test as a tool to assist the agency evaluation and enterprise self-evaluation. It supports access to the target environment by bypass deployment. Through the functions and methods of collecting sample data, ciphertext analysis, and cryptographic algorithm restoration, it can quickly determine whether the target system uses cipher, whether SM cipher is used, and whether the cryptographic protection mechanism is effective, providing a strong support for the cryptography security assessment test.

Product Features

Sensitive Data DetectionIt can discover sensitive data in the target system, and whether the sensitive data is stored in plaintext; detect whether the random numbers used by the target system meet the national compliance standards.
Weak Key Detection Construct a key dictionary, perform dictionary attacks on commonly used keys, and support finding the use of weak keys.
Vulnerability Scan Based on the known public vulnerability data, the cryptographic module of the target system can be scanned to determine whether there are vulnerabilities and risks.
Algorithmic Compliance Judgment Through standard computing tools, it is supported to detect whether the target application complies with the SM algorithms.

Product Architecture

Product Functions

Traffic Collection Module Provides Data Acquisition CapabilitiesMainly realize the network connection with the target system or facility, and sample the target data for subsequent cipher text analysis.
The Sample Analysis Module Provides The Ability To Automatically Identify Clear And Cipher Text Of The Target Data Analyze the sample data collected by the acquisition module, including NIST randomness detection, and establishment of confidential data models, and finally obtain the analysis results.
The Detection And Determination Module Provides The Ability To Determine Whether To Use A SM Algorithms Using black box judgment or white box judgment method to compare the analysis result of the sample analysis module with the feature model in the feature library, then form the report about the compliance of the cryptographic algorithms adopted based on the judgment result.
Vulnerability Scanning Module Provides Security Analysis Capabilities Do vulnerability scanning for the target system or facility to form a vulnerability report; after obtaining the authorization certificate of the target database or target file system, scan the sensitive data according to the sensitive data feature dictionary data to form a sensitive data encryption report.
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