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CipherSuite SDK

Product Overview

CipherSuite SDK is a product independently developed by CipherGateway, providing high-performance SM algorithms, which can help enterprises to efficiently, safely and quickly introduce cryptographic capabilities and improve data security. It supports SM algorithms (SM2/SM3/SM4/SM9) as well as international algorithms. As it combines instruction sets such as AES-NI and SIMD of the x86 architecture to accelerate the execution efficiency of SM algorithms such as SM4, the speed of SM4 encryption and decryption on a single i9 CPU exceeds 140Gbps, which greatly exceeds the performance of existing crypto card in the market.

Product Features

High Performance Through the PCT patent-protected algorithm acceleration technology, the speed of SM algorithms can reaches the same level as that of international cryptographic algorithms.
Easy To Use Complete the OpenSSL encryption algorithm upgrade based on the EVP interface, and provide cryptography encapsulation layer that combines business elements, which makes CipherSuite SDK easy to use for software developers.
Strengthen Security ensure the security of algorithm implementation and the security of SM algorithms suite used in TLS protocol
Cross-platform Support And Easy To Expand compatible with x86/ARM architecture, Windows and Linux, etc.; can quickly adapt to different applications or network protocols to complete the upgrade of commercial cryptographic algorithms.
Layered Encapsulation by shielding the underlying implementation, developers can flexibly choose a variety of underlying hardware, and provide business-oriented encapsulation to decouple specific interface dependencies.

Product Architecture

Product Functions

Complete the constant-time industrial-level implementation of SM2/SM3/SM4/SM9 algorithms, effectively resist time-based side channel attacks.
Aiming at the attack methods of the algorithm suite in the TLS protocol, CipherSuite SDK integrates corresponding defense measures to ensure the security of itself.
CipherSuite SDK adds the high-speed implementation of the SM algorithms to the OpenSSL framework through the EVP engine, and provides API interfaces for software developers.
Provide a business encapsulation layer that combines business elements, such as providing encapsulation interfaces for structured data and unstructured data, and for matching appropriate encryption algorithms and encryption modes according to data characteristics.


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