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Data security solutions for the financial industry

Industry Pain Points

Internet penetration threats, frequent data breaches Financial institutions face multiple security threats in the process of digital transformation. At the same time, cyber attacks have shifted from traditional disruptive application systems to stealing large amounts of core data.
Difficult to sort out data assets It is still difficult to reorganize the data assets of the established business system; there is a conflict between the standardization of data asset management and the flexibility of development in the short term.
Regulatory compliance requirements The state has issued a series of compliance policies and put forward refined regulatory requirements for data security.
Violation and data abuse of internal personnel Subjective or objective malicious operations of internal personnel can cause damage or tampering of core data and a large amount of sensitive data to be abused.

Program Overview

CipherGateway’s data security solution for the financial industry can be adapted into business logic without transforming the existing financial business system, and has the advantages of low adaptation difficulty and quick launch. Based on the high-strength domestic commercial encryption algorithms, and using the local professional security chips to store keys, it greatly improves the security strength and reliability of data encryption while understanding the business logic, and meets compliance requirements. The solution supports identity authentication and authority management, as well as fine-grained field-level encryption to prevent core data relevant to trade secrets from being improperly accessed, and to guarantee data security in an environment of shared IT, shared operation and maintenance.

Solution Advantages

Full life cycle data security assurance systemIdentity-based authentication and access control, transmission encryption, data desensitization, and leakage detection are comprehensive security protection methods to ensure data security throughout the life cycle of data transmission, storage, and use.
None-modification and agile implementationIncorporate data security that is integrated with business logic without modifying the financial business system, with low adaptation difficulty and fast online, preventing active and passive leaks, and ensuring terminal data security.
Meet the requirements of national cryptography transformation and application Meet the national regulations such as the “GB/T 22239-2019 Baseline for classified protection of cybersecurity”, the "Information Security Law" and the financial industry data security management regulation.

Customer Value

Effectively reducing the cost of data security protection for enterprises while the existing application is free of modification.
Improve the security management capabilities of core data assets.
Comprehensively help customers discover the security risks in the system.
Minimize the impact on the normal use of the original business efficiency of the enterprise to ensure business fluency.
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