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Sensitive Data Discovery Platform

Product Overview

The Sensitive Data Discovery Platform is a product that automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data, for business data, operation and maintenance data, office data and other data, offering a data visualization security tracking program in the entire life cycle process of data collection, storage, transmission, processing, exchange, and destruction, to realize compliance discovery, rational utilization, and risk estimation, which can reduce the risk of damage and leakage of core sensitive data effectively, and meet the personalized needs of sensitive data discovery, privacy data protection, and compliance supervision. It is widely used in industries such as government, telecom operators, transportation, finance, energy, education, healthcare, and the Internet.

Product Features

Intelligently Locate Sensitive Data DistributionSupport to discover and locate the storage and distribution of sensitive data in the massive data, count the type and magnitude of sensitive data, and accurately display the security status of user changes and permission changes.
Dynamically Monitor Sensitive Data Support real-time monitoring, risk warning, and auditing of sensitive data in database, automatically discover database information such as database type, database instance name, server IP address, and port number, help users control the types of sensitive data, visitors, access time, access channels and other security issues accurately, support to trace data, analyze abnormal behavior, and optimize data security measures.
Classify Sensitive DataBased on built-in strategies of the product or user-defined rules to realize automatic classification of sensitive data; through visual display such as graph analysis and data reports to helps users manage all kinds of sensitive information at all levels.
Meet Security Test StandardsBy sorting out the authority, distribution and use of sensitive data, assist in the construction of data classification system, to meet the requirements of the "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China" for separate evaluation and grading of personal information and important data.

Product Functions

Intelligently Discover Sensitive DataProvide a variety of built-in sensitive data identification strategies, automatically scan and identify data including but not limited to name, ID number, personal biometric information, address, phone number, account password, transaction information, etc. On the basis of law and regulation compliance, intelligently discover sensitive attributes at “subject to user in the application, object to field” level.
Customize Sensitive Data Discovery Strategy Users can customize the setting of sensitive data discovery strategies, to capture and analyze data access volume, sensitive data risk, and user access risk trends in real time, take full control of the data security situation, thereby meeting data protection requirements.
Classify Sensitive Data By disassembling data entries, sensitive data is automatically discovered, classified and managed to form a sensitive data level mapping spectrum to distinguish the importance and sensitivity of data.
Operation Log Anti-leakage Audit Through the audit modeling of multiple dimensions such as time, operation content, download or upload operation, access IP, access instance, user name, etc., the user normal behavior curve is formed,dynamically monitor various access logs, and alert abnormal behaviors such as malicious data access, malicious download, and deliberate leaks.
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