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Data security solutions for telecom operators

Industry Pain Points

Facing numerous data security threats and challenges The business application system is complex, the amount of data is large, and the data types are various, which leads to huge data leakage risks and threats in the collection, storage, processing, application, and transmission of operator data.
User data classification is difficult A large amount of user data, including user identity and authentication information, user data and service content information, user service-related information, etc., makes it difficult for operators to identify all data, and cannot monitor all data, so risks cannot be discovered in the first time.
Facing clearer data security compliance requirements The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Order No. 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Document No. [2014] 368, and the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Cyber Security in the Telecommunications and Internet Industries" all clearly require telecom operators to strengthen data security protection.
Continuous attacks lead to a concentrated outbreak of risks Nowadays, high-level persistent threat attacks with clear targets and precise strikes frequently occur, and operators are facing more and more hidden and deeper data threats.

Program Overview

With the rapid development of informatization, the operator industry has gradually entered the era of big data. Because the industry has concentrated a large number of high-value personal data information, it will be affected by internal and external risks, leading to information leakage or malicious tampering, which will cause varying degrees of impact on users, society, and even national security. Therefore, how to ensure the security of data sharing by telecom operators and provide users with more refined data sharing security control strategies has become an urgent problem to be solved. The operator industry has always attached great importance to data security construction and has established a relatively complete data security protection system. However, through traditional methods of preventing vulnerability, it is impossible to directly protect the data of application layer in high-value data sets.
In response to the data security construction needs of the operator industry, CipherGateway provides solutions to achieve data security enhancement in a way that avoids re-developing applications, to implement the encryption of structured and unstructured data, and combine fine-grained identity access control, desensitization, and audit to create comprehensive, effective and easy-to-implement data security protection for customers. CipherGateway provides multiple encryption algorithms, can encrypt multiple data types, supports multiple databases, and provides a practical data security mechanism that prevents bypassing.

Solution Advantages

None-modification of applications and agile deploymentThere is no need to re-develop the application, nor need to adapt the databases. Through the agile deployment by modifying the configuration in the application, the sensitive data can be stored in the form of ciphertext in the database, protecting users' important data from leakage.
Integrate data usage scenarios into fine-grained encryption protection It provides security protection capabilities of "subject to user in the application and object to field level", which can combine user identity, field or document level data in the application to provide fine-grained security control.
Data security mechanism which can prevent bypass Data anchor decryption is combined with access control, auditing and other technologies to build an "anti-bypass" data security protection system, supporting traceable and tamper-proof third-party data operation audits, and ensuring post-event accountability.
Excellent password engineering abilityIt supports national secret algorithms and international algorithms. The encryption and decryption speed of national secret SM4 on a single CPU exceeds 130Gbps. The realization of high-performance passwords ensures that users use password technology without affecting efficiency and experience. Both SM algorithms and international algorithms are provided. The speed of SM4 encryption and decryption on a single CPU exceeds 130Gbps. The high-performance of SM algorithms ensures users high efficiency and good experience.

Customer Value

Focus on the application layer to create a fine-grained data security protection mechanism.
Combine cryptography with multiple security technologies to build an anti-bypass data security protection system.
Free development and transformation of applications, and simultaneous enhancement of safety during operation.
Analyze and construct in all aspects from the time dimension, space dimension and human dimension, and implement data security in a technological way of superimposing and evolving capabilities.
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