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DLP data leakage prevention

Product Overview

Network Data Leakage Prevention product (also known as: Network DLP) makes use of gateway devices deployed inside or outside the enterprise network to monitor of the data passing through the enterprise network, and automatically classify data files, detect, analyze, and report incidents of sensitive data leakage. Network DLP can help achieve:
▪ Monitor and identify sensitive data lost to the outside of the enterprise network;
▪ Accurately locate by whom, when and where sensitive data has been transmitted;
▪ Automatically classify network data.
▪ Identify and analyze high-risk business processes and user behavior, helping companies to ensure data security.

Product Features

Leading TechnologyThe product combines the characteristics of the data files of various domestic industries (elecommunications, manufacturing, military, etc.), fully based on the characteristics of Chinese language, and optimizes the algorithm of Chinese recognition/semantic analysis.By applying machine learning algorithms, sensitive data can be automatically classified accurately and efficiently.
High Performance It adopts high-performance processing technologies for network data packets such as zero copy and high-speed linear storage, and supports GB-level network traffic capture and analysis.It supports the strategy matching technology based on keyword multi-mode and Single-Pass intelligent classification, to improve the efficiency of data recognition and detection, and to reduce the impact of delay in use.
Multiple Network Protocols Are Supported Network protocols supported are, for example, the current mainstream network protocols; all domestic popular mail systems, most domestic network disks/cloud disks, FTP file upload monitoring, HTTPS encrypted communication monitoring. In addition, customized configuration of TCP-based network protocols is supported to expand the control of self-defined network protocols.
Support Multiple File Types It supports various file types and formats. It supports thousands of type recognition based on file content, supports OCR recognition and analysis of image content, supports compression package penetration recognition, and supports multi-level nested file recognition.
Easy To Expand It supports the distributed deployment of multiple gateway devices, supports the complex network topology environment and logical organization classification management scenarios of the enterprise, and can flexibly expand the management within the enterprise to meet the future business development needs.

Product Functions

Provide Multiple Data Content Recognition Technologies It supports cluster recognition, file similarity recognition, precise fingerprint recognition, file DNA recognition, keyword detection, regular expression detection, data identifier and so on.
Mainstream Network Protocols And Applications Can Be SupportedMainstream network protocols and applications such as communication protocols, encryption protocols, mainstream mailboxes, mainstream network disks are supported.
Intelligently Classify Enterprise Sensitive Data As a content recognition and detection strategy, intelligently recognize, classify data and files captured from the Internet.
Monitor File Bring-out Behavior Monitor the behavior of end users sending out sensitive data in real time, intelligently
Response Protection Mechanism Provide a variety of built-in response rules, support user-defined response rules. Administrators can formulate different response methods according to the severity, offline and online status of the terminal, etc.
Data Visualization Support the multi-dimensional visual display of statistical audit data, and generate multi-dimensional analysis reports for different users such as the information department, business department and management of the enterprise.
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