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Cryptographic Server HSM

Product Overview

CipherGateway Cryptographic Server HSM is a dedicated data cipher machine that supports SM algorithms and meets the relevant specifications and technical requirements of the State Cryptography Administration. It has a cryptographic algorithm chip adopting commercial cryptography standards, an integrated system architecture, and flexible, easy-to-use interfaces for software development. It is compatible with international cryptographic algorithm standards, and also provides user-friendly management and maintenance tools, which greatly improves the security and maintainability of the cryptographic machine, providing customers with safe, reliable and easy-to-use cryptographic services.
CipherGateway Cryptographic Server HSM provides functions of data encryption/decryption, data integrity verification, digital signature and verification, can be widely used in government and public utilities, public security, electricity, taxation, financial institutions, and can be used as electronic seals, PKI systems, CA certification, e-government, online banking, etc., to provide high-speed and reliable encryption and decryption operations.

Product Features

Support Multi-machine ParallelSupport multiple HSM to provide cryptography services for the same one business server at the same time to improve processing efficiency, and to prevent service from being terminated due to a HSM malfunction, improving service reliability.
Provide Broken-link Repair Function Broken link repair refers to that when the HSM is disconnected from the network, the HSM keeps trying to repair the connection. When the network returns to normal, business data will continue to be sent without restarting the service.
Provide Interface Library Convenient For Users To Carry Out Secondary Development The interface supports customized API and standard cryptographic algorithm interfaces, such as PKCS#11, JCE, national standard, etc.; the platform supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, homebred operating systems; languages supported are C/C++, Java, Go, etc.
Keys Are Generated By Using True Random NumbersThe HSM adopts true random numbers generated by the WNG-8 random number generator approved by the State Cryptography Administration. The random numbers are in high quality and can ensure high security.

Product Functions

Support SM Algorithms Support SM1/SM2/SM3/SM4 algorithms, support symmetric algorithms, hash algorithm, asymmetric algorithms, etc.
Secure Storage Based On SM Algorithms The security processor chip is used as the key storage component to ensure the secure storage of keys.
Support Random Number GenerationUse hardware to generate random numbers, and the generated random numbers comply with the "Random Number Testing Specification" promulgated by the State Cryptography Administration
Support Three-tier Key Management System A multi-tier key management system is adopted. The root key is a true random number generated by a dual random number chip. The root key will not be exposed in plaintext and is always in the control of users.
Excellent Key Management Provide full life cycle management of keys, such as generation, encrypted transmission, storage, import, deletion, and destruction. Key deletion supports the deletion of symmetric and asymmetric keys with specified index numbers.
Support System Log Audit Examine cryptographic Server HSM’s operation condition, monitor the operation status of the hardware and software of cryptographic Server HSM, and automatically recover or alarm for malfunction.
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