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Data security solutions for governmental industry

Industry Pain Points

Numerous persistent, highly targeted attacksThe original single-point protection lacks the support of the defense-in-depth system and is difficult to meet the requirements for security
Lack of unknown threat detection capabilitiesTraditional security protection equipment is based on static policies and known characteristics to perform "black and white list" rule matching, which lacks sufficient defense capabilities against more complex Web attacks
Lack of effective monitoringEven if most government units have certain security capabilities, they cannot perform continuous monitoring when facing continuous attacks, as security capabilities are still insufficient.
Facing strong compliance challenges The state has issued a series of compliance policies, adding new regulatory and security requirements

Program Overview

In order to achieve "Let data run more and enterprises and people less run errands", government departments continue to innovate in the field of public data and e-government, and actively promote the integration and sharing of government information systems. At present, government services are widely distributed in transportation, social security, civil affairs, tourism, public security and other fields. The amount of data is large, confidential, and has high added value. Most of them are closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Once being attacked, the consequences will be unimaginable.
CipherGateway’s modification-free application adaptation technology ensures that under the premise of uninterrupted e-government system services, it provides data encryption protection that combines government business scenarios and business logic. The multi-level linkage security defense system provided by CipherGateway can completely replace the traditional passive defense, static defense and isolated defense protection mechanisms to quickly and accurately identify threats and attacks from multiple levels, effectively guaranteeing the security of user systems.

Solution Advantages

The implementation period is short, the operation is simple and does not affect the normal business operation.
Focusing on the control anchor point of data encryption and decryption to create "integration of cipher, identity access control and auditing".
None modification is required to supplement the cryptographic capability of the target application systems and encrypt important sensitive data in database.

Customer Value

Accurately discover hackers' attack behaviors in the first time, and comprehensively help customers discover the security risks in the system.
Meet the requirements of China's "Network Security Law", "Cryptography Law" and other national secret regulations.
Protect the security of core confidential data assets under the premise of ensuring the internal collaboration of the unit.
Promote multi-party data sharing and play the value of data.
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CipherGateway dedicates in making data sharing safer and more valuable. For your business scenarios, we will recommend more professional and high-value solutions and products. Look forward to your contact. 010-88459460 Request Free Trial