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  • Contact:北京炼石网络技术有限公司
  • Phone:010-88459460
  • Address:北京市海淀区北三环西路32号楼7层0710-1
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full name CipherGateway Networks Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2015, CipherGateway is a data security innovation company with focus on cryptography and system security technology. It advocates a "data-centric new security concept" and independently develops CASB business data encryption platform and other products which provides high-performance SM algorithms, pioneeringly proposed a way to avoid the re-development and transformation of applications to achieve agile implementation of fine-grained data protection. CipherGateway won the national championship in the ISC 2019 "First Innovation Unicorn Sandbox Competition". Based on the AOE (Aspect-oriented Encryption) technology, it technically decouples security and business, but integrates security and business in terms of capability, and realizes protection from "subject to app users, object to field level" to create a practical data security cryptographic protection system that "takes cryptographic technology as the core, integrates multiple security technologies such as access control and auditing". CipherGateway provides solutions for personal information protection, trade secret protection, and national cryptography compliance reform for users in the government, finance, education, medical, tourism, industry and commerce and other industries, making data sharing safer and more valuable.